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Vacation In FLorida with friends

Corporate Comedy

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Derek Seguin – Corporate Facilitator / Moderator / Comedian
Derek Seguin is a renowned Stand-up Comedian who is well known across Canada for his Québécois caricature on stage. He’s performed in both French and in English at the Just for Laughs, Vancouver, Halifax, Winnipeg, P.E.I., Sudbury, Moncton and Grand Rire du Québec Comedy festivals as well as appearances on CBC television and radio (where he’s made a dozen or so appearances on CBC radio’s The Debaters). Combined with all this performance experience though, Derek has over ten years of experience in the corporate world, specifically in Corporate Communications. In his role as project manager at several different communications agencies, he oversaw such things as the drafting of employee handbooks, employee recruitment campaigns, sales and marketing presentations and communication angles, internal communications guidelines and a wide variety of internal and external communications campaigns. On top of all this, he has been trained in presentation/presenter coaching by Tim Ferguson of Audience Communications, a Canadian leader in corporate Public Speaking coaching.
Whether you’re looking for some levity in a moderator for your Sales conference, a facilitator in your corporate objectives retreat or someone who will keep you on track in any open discussion forum, Derek has the versatility and professional experience to know when the situation needs some humour and when it’s time to get down to serious business, and all this, in both of Canada’s official languages. He makes a great addition to meetings and events of any size or depth… Did we mention he owns over a dozen different suits and hundreds of ties… so if you like, he can even try to wear your corporate colours. (That was Derek’s idea… always looking for that thing that will tip the scales in his favour.)