Derek Seguin in the Montreal Times
June 27, 2014
Rover Arts – Just For Laughs Nasty Show
October 6, 2014

Derek Seguin’s take on all things in life have a Quebecois flare to them that is hysterical for everyone and he’s often as funny for HOW he says things as for WHAT he’s actually saying (You’ll see). Whether he’s ragging on politics or describing life with his children, he brings us into his perspective without preaching any selfish point of view… his undeniable charm makes him simply fun to watch and listen to. An award winning stand-up comedian, Derek Seguin travels throughout Canada and the American Northeast to comedy clubs, corporate engagements and festivals, including 5 appearances at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal where he taped a gala for HBO just this past summer where he received a standing-ovation at the city’s 3500 seat Place des Arts for his efforts.

Read full article by Greater Sudbury OnlineComedian Derek Seguin Algoma Buddies – Sept 13th, 2014 9pm


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